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Whether on land or on water, Yamaha has built an enviable reputation for producing the world's most successful race bikes and watercraft - Racing is in our DNA.

When it comes to personal watercraft, no craft has dominated the race scene quite like the GP1800R SVHO, taking out every major Australian, US and World Championship.

This dominance is set to continue in 2023, but with sound to boot. All 2023 GP1800R Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) and High Output (HO) models now come with Yamaha's built-in audio system now available as standard. Simply connect your smartphone and you are off and racing.
 The 2023 GP1800R-SVHO model comes in the two colour variants. Choose from Azure Blue or Black with Acid Green. The GP1800R-HO comes in a Black with Carbon finish.


Yamaha’s FX WaveRunner series continues to redefine what’s possible in a luxury high-performance personal watercraft. 

With a strong reputation in the touring, family, fishing and endurance racing scenes, the feature-packed FX Series combines big capacity horsepower, luxury performance and innovative technologies, all packaged in stunningly good-looking watercraft. 

Key model features include a 7-inch (SVHO models) or 5-inch (HO models) full-featured infotainment system with a glass colour touchscreen, premium factory-installed audio speakers with smartphone integration, built-in GPS system, upgraded Drive Control with Auto Trim and a modified hull for a more comfortable and dryer ride.

With these great features and strong colour options across the range, the hardest decision will be choosing which model to buy.


The Yamaha VX Series is renowned for being the best-selling personal watercraft in the history of the personal watercraft industry.

Why? The answer is simple. Buyers are attracted to the VX Series’ class-leading performance, versatility, and value that is offered in a mid-size, lighter package, while still sharing many of the same industry-first features and innovations that make the FX Series the best-selling luxury models today.

The 2023 VX Series doesn't disappoint with plenty of options for those looking for heaps of features and awesome power-to-weight performance.

Back for 2023 is the VX Cruiser HO,  with it's big horsepower 1.8 litre purpose-built marine engine, the VX Limited with its light-weight TR-1 1049cc marine engine and built-in speakers, and the VX Deluxe which also comes with Yamaha's award-winning TR-1 1049cc marine engine.