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When it comes to boating, nothing is more important than arriving safely back at the ramp after an awesome day out on the water.
Yamaha outboards has built a legendary reputation for reliability and for ‘starting first-time every-time


Uncompromising attention to detail, precision engineering and commitment to continuous

improvement is why Japanese manufactured Yamaha outboards are renowned

for their exceptional quality,

performance and finish.



Yamaha outboards are not only easier to service and maintain, but consistently attract more when it comes time to sell.

Don’t take our word for it, speak to any independent marine mechanic or go online

to compare the figures for yourself.


Yamaha’s shift dampening props, labyrinth exhaust systems, water sealed

outer shaft walls and noise suppressing cowlings are just some of the technologies that help Yamaha outboards deliver

such smooth and whisper quiet



Yamaha’s Multi-Point Electronic

Fuel Injection (EFI), vapour

management and low emission

technologies are why Yamaha

outboards are renowned for

their excellent fuel economy

and low emissions.

Yamaha’s portable two-strokes are designed so you can take them just about anywhere. With proven reliability, a portable Yamaha two-stroke allows you to hit the water with ease and get to your favourite fishing spots. These engines are also great power options for tenders, or auxiliary power for sailing vessels. For manoeuvrability the 4 horsepower engine has full forward, neutral and reverse gear. The 3 horsepower utilises forward and neutral with 360 degree steering for reverse, while the 2 horsepower operates in forward gear with 360 degree steering for reverse. The 4 horsepower variant is also fitted with an internal fuel tank while also having the ability to connect to an external fuel tank for more range. 

Yamaha’s two-stroke engines from 25 to 50 horsepower show just what can be achieved from 50 years of experience building top quality two-stroke outboard engines. Extremely versatile with outstanding power-to-weight ratios and world renowned reliability, they’re also outstanding value for money. Yamaha’s proven three-cylinder design with loop charging fuel intake delivers great fuel economy and smooth, responsive acceleration. Precision blend oil injection (standard 90, optional 50 and 40) eliminates the need to pre-mix two-stroke fuel and delivers the perfect amount of oil

at any given time for the most efficient burn. 

When it comes to powering small craft, Yamaha’s single cylinder, fourstroke portables, deliver everything you need in an extremely compact and lightweight package. These versatile units are effortless to carry and handle, while the smart leak-free design allows these engines to be safely and conveniently stored on their front, right or left-hand sides. With their stylish round cowling, improved combustion efficiency and lower emissions output, these small horsepower outboards not only look great, but deliver Yamaha’s legendary reliability, fuel efficiency and smooth running performance.

Small in size and big on performance, Yamaha’s range of portable fourstrokes are lightweight, compact and packed with the type of features you’d expect on much larger outboards. With computer controlled ignitions for smooth running, quick acceleration and excellent fuel economy, these outboards are the perfect power match for the small tinnie or inflatable craft. Of course, being a Yamaha four-stroke, they are not only extremely reliable, but are cleaner, quieter, smoother, more fuel efficient than their two-stroke predecessors.

Yamaha’s selection of mid-range four-stroke engines have achieved a reputation for being super reliable, fuel efficient and simple to use on the water. Every aspect of these engines has been refined to allow smooth, quiet and efficient operation as well as turn-key starting hot or cold. With their lightweight, Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) powerhead configuration and lean burn technology, these engines pack a punch, while obtaining excellent fuel efficiency. It’s no wonder Yamaha’s mid-range four-strokes have long been considered the best in their class.

Yamaha’s in-line, four-cylinder, four-stroke engines offer the perfect match of power, efficiency and reliability. Whether it’s in the bay or out on the open water, Yamaha’s in-line fours offer incredible versatility and performance for all styles of boating.


Yamaha has taken the next step forward in premium outboard power, with the introduction of the XTO Offshore 450.

Featuring the same 5.6L of big block displacement and long list of features as our original XTO 425, this awesome engine improves the outboard that took the world by storm.

When you need a little extra muscle to move heavier loads, such as yachts and pontoon boats, then Yamaha’s high-thrust four-stroke outboards are the way to go.
Yamaha invented the high-thrust category more than twenty years ago and have been leading the way ever since. Lightweight and compact, these gutsy four-strokes deliver twice the thrust of a compatible two-stroke in the 2,000 to 3,000 RPM range.

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