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Yamaha is excited to announce the 2024 WaveRunner line-up which sees more power, more colours and more choice than ever before. 


Yamaha WaveRunners continue to lead the pack when it comes to big displacement marine engines, with the release of the industry’s first 1.9 Litre naturally aspirated high output engine – delivering quicker and smoother acceleration and higher top-end speed, in models across the FX, GP and VX range.

Whatever your style, colour and riding preferences, the 2024 WaveRunner line-up gives you the choice of 15 WaveRunner models covering everything from racing, towing, fishing, touring, thrill seeking and more.

Dive into 2024 on a Yamaha WaveRunner and experience the Endless Summer!

A new 1898cc, four-stroke, four-cylinder, 16-valve High Output marine engine replaces the Yamaha 1.8L High Output motor that previously powered the FX Cruiser HO, FX HO, GP1800R HO and VX Cruiser HO models.


This more powerful engine provides quicker and smoother acceleration and higher top-end speed. This is achieved through the engine's increased displacement, optimized intake, and exhaust paths, and a 10-percent larger throttle body for more power and torque.

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